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Pond Weed Control Herbicides

Aquathol Super K Hydrothol Komeen Navigate
Aquathol Super K Herbicide
Aquathol Super K Herbicide - Excellent for Pondweed Spot Treatment
Hydrothol Granular Herbicide
Hydrothol Granular Herbicide Fast Acting - Best Seller
Komeen Copper Herbicide
Komeen Liquid Copper Herbicide - No Water Restrictions
Navigate Granular Herbicide
Navigate Granular Herbicide, 4-D Based Herbicide
Reward Concentrated Weedtrine-D Nautique Renovate 3
Reward Concentrated Broad Range Herbicide
Reward Concentrated Broad Range Weed Control
Weedrine-D Broad Range Herbicide
Weedtrine-D Fast Acting Broad Range Weed Control Herbicide
Nautique Herbicide
Nautique Aquatic Herbicide - Double Chelated Copper Product
Renovate 3 Liquid Herbicide
Renovate 3 Herbicide Control Aquatic Plants and Poison Ivy
Clipper Sonar A.S.    
Clipper aquatic weed control herbicide
Clipper the Newest Chemistry in Aquatic Weed Control
Sonar A.S. Herbicide
Sonar A.S. Specialty Herbicide that Controls Most Aquatic Weeds