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Pond Heater Deicers

Pond winterization with a Pond deicer

The use of a floating or submersible Pond deicer is one of the best ways you can winterize your pond. But what is a pond deicer, why do I need one, how do I use one, and how is it different from a pond heater?

What is a pond de icer?

As the name implies, a pond de icer is a device used to prevent the buildup of ice in your pond in winter. There are two basic types of deicers. A floating pond deicer will float on the surface of your winter pond and submersible pond de icers sit on the bottom of your pond. Both types keep a small hole free of ice in the surface of your pond to allow the escape of gases that could otherwise sicken or kill your fish. Pond deicers range in wattage from 100 watts to 1500 watts and provide a cost effective and safe way to winterize your pond. Read the rest of this pond deicer article.


Thermo-Pond 100 Watt Heater/Deicer Thermo-Pond Perfect Climate Deluxe Pond Deicer Pondmaster 120 Watt Floating Pond Deicer
  • 100 watts of power
  • Tested in Northern Wisconsin ponds down to -39° F
  • Not intended to heat water but rather to keep a hole open in the ice to allow harmful gases to escape
  • Completely enclosed in plastic - no danger of heating element damaging liner!
  • These deicers cost a little more than other deicers, but the electrical savings will pay for itself in the first month
  • Comes in 250W, 750W or 1500W
  • Can be used as a surface deicer or converts in seconds to a bottom heater
  • Safe for all ponds
  • Thermostatically controlled - operates only when needed, saving electricity
  • Easy to remove float ring allows deicer to be used as a bottom heater
  • Pondmaster offers a winter pond deicer designed to maintain a small open area allowing harmful gases to escape
  • Internal parts epoxy sealed for protection
  • 120 watt - very energy efficient
  • Made from rugged ABS plastics for years of use
  • Thermostatic control to reduce heating cost
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