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EPDM Installation Tools

Black Waterfall FoamBlack Foam GunFoam Gun CleanerBlack Silicone SealantAdhesive Liner Patch
atlantic black waterfall foam
Black Waterfall Foam
atlantic waterfall foam gun
Black Waterfall Foam Gun & Replacement Tips


Foam Gun Cleaner 12 oz. Can
atlantic gardens silicone sealant black
Black Silicone Sealant 2.8 ounce Tube
pondr line adhesive liner patch
Adhesive Liner Patch - 6 x 6 Square


Firestone Seam TapeFirestone Cover TapeFirestone QuickSeam FormFlash
Firestone Splice/Seam Tape-W56RAC1698 and W56RAC1603

Firestone Quickseam Splice Tape 3" Wide designed for splicing EPDM liners:

Firestone QuickSeam Cover Strip/Tape-W56RAC1693 and W56RAC1616

Firestone Quickseam Cover Tape 6" Wide for seaming EPDM liner together:

Firestone QuickSeam FormFlash-W56RAC1650

Firestone QuickSeam FormFlash 9" Wide Used to flash inside and outside corners:

Firestone QuickPrime PlusFirestone Termination BarFirestone QuickSeam EPDM Repair Kit
EPDM Primer

Firestone QuickPrime Plus
Designed to clean and prime Pond Liner:

Firestone Termination Bar-W56RAC3061
Firestone Termination Bar 10' Long

For attaching and sealing flashing terminations

Firestone QuickSeam EPDM Repair Kit-W56RAC0030
Firestone QuickSeam EPDM Repair Kit

Repair small holes in pond liner

Firestone QuickScrubber KitFirestone Silicone Rubber RollerFirestone QuickScrubber Plus Kit
Firestone QuickScrubber Kit-W563582045
Firestone QuickScrubber Kit

Easy application of Firestone QuickPrime Plus
Firestone Silicone Rubber Roller-W563582023
Firestone Silicone Rubber Roller 1.5"

For mating and sealing pond liner layers
Firestone QuickScrubber Plus Kit-W563582049
Firestone QuickScrubber Plus Kit

Scrub debris from rocks, waterfalls, etc...
Firestone QuickRollerFirestone QuickSeam Pipe FlashingFirestone QuickSeam Tape Kit
Firestone QuickRoller-W563582026
Firestone QuickRoller 42" Roller

Steel handle attached to rubber sleeved steel roller
Firestone QuickSeam Pipe Flashing-W563581063
Firestone QuickSeam Pipe Flashing or Pipe Boot

Securely seal any piping into your water feature
Firestone QuickSeam Tape Kit-W56RAC1690
Firestone QuickSeam Tape Kit

Complete kit to complete 25' of liner seaming


Firestone QuickSeam Corner FlashingEPDM Lap Sealant
Firestone QuickSeam Corner Flashing-W56RAC1646
Firestone QuickSeam Corner Flashing

Designed to flash inside and outside corners
EPDM Lap Sealant
EPDM Lap Sealant

Desinged for pond liner seam edge treatment sealant
Firestone All Purpose SealantWater Block Seal (S-20)
Firestone All Purpose Sealant-W563587078
Firestone All Purpose Sealant

Non-sag, moisture-curing sealant
Firestone Water Block Seal S-20
Water Block Seal (S-20)

Provides a seal when used, compression required


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