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Biological Filter Media

On this page you will find various types of media, designed for removing solid particles from the water or creating large surface areas on which beneficial bacteria colonize. The EasyPro media can be used by do-it-yourselfers to build their own filters or as replacement media for existing filters. The key to good water quality is proper filtration. Ponds that are under filtered will likely be cloudy, green and unattractive. Likewise aquatic systems that do not have properly sized filters can have high ammonia, high nitrites and low feed conversions.

In addition to good biological filtration, a UV sterilizer is another good option in many cases. A UV uses high intensity light to destroy algae cells that cause green water. They also eliminate disease causing pathogens, protecting fish health. A properly designed filtration system is vital to the success of any water system.

  Bio-Blox Filter Media   Filter Floss Bio-Media
EasyPro Bio-Blox Filter Media

Bio-Blox Filter Media Features:

  • Great low cost choice for large volume applications.
  • Approximately 500 square feet of surface area in every cubic foot of material, this allows for maximum filtration in a give area
  • Polyester material will last for years
  • Available in a one, ten or twenty five cubic foot box
  • 25cu. ft. must ship freight
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EasyPro Filter Floss

Filter Floss Bio-Media Features:

  • Ribbon type material commonly used in AquaFalls pond filters
  • A flat strapping that is embossed on both sides creating additional surface area for bacteria
  • Lightweight, will last indefinitely and has no effect on water quality
  • Each box fills two MB21 Mesh bags and contains approximately 4.5 cu. ft. of media
  • Also available in 2 cu. ft. pre-filled mesh bags
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  Bio-Balls Filter Media   Ultimate Tube Media
EasyPro Bio Balls Filter Media

Bio-Balls Filter Media Features:

  • These plastic Bio-Balls area a great media for use in all types of filters
  • Can be used as a loose media or put in mesh bags for easy removal and cleaning
  • Will not compact like other soft media, reduces channeling of water around media
  • 1½" in diameter, black in color - approximately 660 pieces per cubic foot
  • Available in one cubic foot or 4.5 cubic foot box
  • Select Media Amount:

EasyPro Ultimate Tube Media

Ultimate Tube Media Features:

  • Round media with multiple internal baffles which create tremendous additional surface area
  • Contains nearly 500 square feet of surface area in every cubic foot of media
  • Available in 1, 10 or 25 cubic foot boxes
  • Media included in EasyPro Bead Filters
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